Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon

Every line has a meaning; every meaning has a line…
              We think we have the worst story;
We heard other’s, we exclaimed, ‘GLORY’
              It’s cold now, when will it be hot? 
Now it’s hot, Oh Cold! Be our lot
              When it rains, we crave sun; 
Now it scorches, we say, ‘Rain Is Fun’
              We dream, but are afraid of its reality
We see reality but fantasize on fantasy
              We despise love—it’s cheap but deep; 
We idolize hatred—it robs us of sleep
              We want the flower, the tower and the shower
We want the whole world in our power
	We want this; we want that
But we have neither this nor that 
              We want to be here, and there
But we are neither here nor there:
                                                                      Joyful in sorrow; sorrowful in joy
                                                                Happy in sadness; sad in happiness 
                                                          Laughing but crying; crying but laughing 
                                                    Sane in insanity; insane in sanity
                                             Filthy in holiness; holy in filthiness
                                       Fearful in courage; courageous in fear

Poor in riches; rich in poverty
Healthy in wealth; wealthy in health

Love in lust; lust in love
     Beautiful but ugly; ugly but beautiful
          Speaking but silent; silent but speaking
                Thinking while sleeping; sleeping while thinking
                       Filled with emptiness; empty in fullness
                             Abundant in lack; lacking in abundance
Fruitful in barrenness; sterile in fruitfulness                                              
Praying in despair; despair in prayer

                                                        Strength for weakness; feeble in strength
                                                  Honesty in dishonesty; dishonesty in honesty
                                            Peace in war; war in peace
                                     Civil but military; military but civil
                              Goodness in evil; evil in goodness
                      Rising but falling; falling but rising

Coming but going; going but coming
Dead but living; living but dead… 

                                      To win or to lose: to be used or to use
                                         Man is man when man knows man
                                            Death will die, and life will live…