Time Marches

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Time marches on
How is it that the years have advanced so quickly
In my mind I still have my youth
I feel no limitations
My body remains strong
Still there is my reflection
Greying hair 
Wrinkles where once smooth skin once resided
This image feels so incongruent 
Is this really my reflection?
Should I cover all my mirrors?
Should I live out my years in the bliss of self dillusion?
Yesterday is not today 
I realize somehow I am less and still I am more
Time marches on
I see it in the way youth interact with me
They do not see the young spirit that resides within me
I have unspent laughter and tears
My voice will not be silenced
I still have mountains to climb
I am not ready to give up on my dreams
My body remains strong
I feel no limitations
I rise with strength and purpose
One day time will March on
I will be diminished and yet I will be more
New gifts will be laid at my feet
New dreams will replace old ones
I will remain
Time will march on and I will no longer be here
Still I will remain
My spirit is eternal
I will be living a new dream
Time will be of no concearn