Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon


Are you set up for disgrace?
Have you lost the courage to embrace?
Do you think you've exhausted God's grace?
Are you tired of dreaming of your desired place?

Today, endure the hardship of the race,
Halcyon will be the rest of your days.

You probably need to learn from your field's ace,
They often stop to fasten their shoe lace.

Impatient! You think you're slow in pace:
It's not too late in God's ways
Pain rules at night; God shows at dawn's face

Giving up? Think about souls your triumph will raise
It will make posterity trail your trace;
And give your foes something to chase.

Be hopeful; let your visage glow like sun rays
Then you will radiate glory, and wield the mace

Remember not to glory in man's praise
‘God’s grace’ should be your reply phrase