Bashful Billy

Written by: Jack Ellison

Said Bashful Billy
To this pretty filly
"Can I give you a peck on the cheek?"
Said the pretty filly
To Bashful Billy
"Yes, but first there's something I seek!"

Well, Bashful Billy
Really had no clue
What this young filly was asking for
So he whipped out a frog
From his colourful togs 
Said, "If that's not enough, I have more!"

"No! No! Silly Billy!
That's not what I mean
I want you to do magic for me!"
"It is told you can bake
 A great Birthday Cake
While balancing a cup of hot tea!"

"Well, yes if you wish
So then may I kiss
The tender young cheek that I yearn?"
"Well, not quite so fast
There's a thing I must ask
That you teach me a trick I may learn!"

Well Billy agreed
To teach this young filly
A trick he knew she would love
With a wave and a shake
Of his magical cape
A pink cloud came down from above

The two were hidden
The young filly was smitten
Bashful Billy had won her dear heart
He gets all the kissing
He'd always been missing
They're together nevermore to part

© Jack Ellison 2012