The Smile

Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

The Smile

Deep down in my troubled sleep
The good fairy of the night came
With her hair waving in the breeze of my dreams 
And holding in her hand a magic cane

She slowly approached my tightened lips
And with a gentle stroke of her magic rod
A smile designed onto my face with great skill
Thus making it appear really fond

When next morning I woke up and found myself
So cheerful and so bright
I noticed at once, to my great surprise
That I wore, at last, a beautiful smile

Then, around the streets of my town I walked
All morning and all day
Sharing my wonderful smile with every person
That I met on my way

Later on, as golden sunset calmly declared,
That night did arrive 
There was no-one left in town 
Wearing not a marvelous smile!

                                               ©   Demetrios Trifiatis