Still Inhaling LOVE

Written by: iolanda Scripca

I feel nothing to write to you
only that
The ink evaporated into turquoise 
Tears surf now with dolphins - in disguise
I have nothing to send to you, 
can't expedite my Soul ...
It's fragile 
with greenhouses broken forever
Can still inhale love in my lungs
love from other souls , guiding me
protecting me in my coming back journey
from the Acid Rain of Lost Bodies' grin
I can see her silhouette peeking through the shutters
..worried, loving, so innocent ...
It's OK, Mom...I've learned to migrate 
The eclipse in my heart bothers the Monarch butterflies
They are exhausted in the pursuit of migration
They have a place they need to be so badly...
I want to learn where they go, what they feel, where they need to fly..
I need to learn from butterflies where I should go now
when wings got slaughtered by Evil- in-disguise of handsome...