Antoine the kingpin

Written by: Jermaine Kirimi

A..ntoine was a selfish young man,

B..rought in a palace filled life,

C..hoose to live the hooligans life,

D..evoured by lust for more money,

E..ngaged in drugs sold for money,

F..ake identification to be drug lord,

G..uns were his way of being a drug lord,

H..ide from the police and his family,

I..ncluded himself with the mafia family,

J..uggled his way out of jail time,

K..illed afew men just to pass time, were to be broken was his motto,

M..any men feared because of his motto,

N..ever had he been caught selling drugs,

O..nly has he been caught using drugs,

P..eople knew him as the kingpin,

Q..ueuing for drugs and loans from kingpin,

R..ival gangs wanted to kill him,

S..upported by the police just to kill time,

T..hreats circulated directed to Antoine,

U..nder the circular was the kingpin Antoine,

W..ithout hesitation a battle with the police,

E..xtreme gunfire that halted business the whole street,,and then dead silence en-groped the street was free for Antoine was dead