The Last Race

Written by: Carl Fraser

Putting my time in these many years,
there seems so little time to ponder;
About how much of my life has made a difference,
compared to that which I have squandered.

I look with sadness at the many old folks,
who we just so easily tuck away;
And I realize this is what to look forward to,
with every passing day.

I'd like to make a difference,
something to leave behind when I am gone;
But it seems I'm trapped in the same system,
that blinds us from our dreams beyond.

Now that my days are winding down,
I feel it's time I took a stand;
And drive for the dream at the finish line,
just to prove it while I still can.

On the day I step into eternity,
I hope the good Lord finds no fault in me;
And all the dreams I fulfilled while on this Earth,
were done for him and not for me.