Remember me

Written by: Skyler Dawn

I know you've forgotten...
But I remember...
Every sound and image every laugh
Every smile and cry every heart break
All the pain and the love and the sighing
I don't know what tomorrow holds, 
But I know I don't understand yesterdays
Whatever happened with us, with this?
How did we lose our hope, our faith?
Our love, and passion, ourselves, each other
If you could only remember things the way that I do
Then you wouldn't be leaving me, And I'd be close to you
We'd hold onto each other cause we know... how we once were so beautiful
We wouldn't have to fight and cry
We wouldn't always feel like we want to die and...
Maybe we can be happy, if we try to make every day count
I'm not saying to relive yesterdays I know they've 
But we have each tomorrow
To change the way we feel
If we could only borrow...
The feelings kept deep inside
Please don't give up don't walk away
Please don't leave me here today
Please remember me, and us and this
and we can be... stronger, wiser, 
We can remember all the mistakes and learn how to make them better
We can use what we know, to help us to grow and we... could be beautiful again