Of a Corner Turned

Written by: Daniel Larson

He carries his reminders
     far beyond an empty grave,
Been searching for salvation
     and the outstretched hands that save.
Was born at the beginning
     in a mist that had passed through,
Seen faces of the hungry;
     ev’ry single one he knew.
Some had been hung and quartered,
     others cast beside the road,
Some lived in the illusions
     held by hearts that be stone cold.

He worshiped at an icon
     that was made of wood and steel,
Touched the face long etched with gold
     though it never had been real.
Once sang songs with the martyr
     who had preached of the true way
Which was hidden miles from here,
     underneath a sea of clay.
The paths long been under dust
     that’s come from the skies that burn,
Many have gone north from here
     but so few seem to return.

Light becomes tomorrow’s dream
     in the shadows of his bed,
Echoes of a yesteryear
     chase the mem’ries through his head.
Knows not where he’s going to,
     can’t remember where he’s been,
Circles seem so quick complete
     as he comes around again.
One promise lingers distant
     though appearing near somehow,
Waves of history still flow
     in-between the here and now.

Angels beckon through the clouds
     near the end of his last dream,
Comfort calls for him to rest
     by an ever flowing stream.
Footprints from the bygone days
     disappear into the night
As the new dawn comes his way
     to awake his sense and sight.
A touch upon the shoulder
     says he’s not been left alone;
An empty grave fades from view
     as he starts his journey home.