The Devil's Playground

Written by: Carma Reed

God may not answer very prayer, 
We perceive to ask, but know his 
presence is there, watching,
protecting, and healing you, 
in a time of need,
No time for selfishness, 
no time for greed, 
The devil heeds,
on the weak minded, 
to play his fiddle, 
called your soul, 
Don't give in to his game,
don't be his toy, of lies,
for he,
will only tear you apart, 
Run for your life, 
for it is sacred,
Come back to,
the light of the sun, 
and Rejoice it in prayer, 
God is listening, 
this I promise, 
his faith is greater, 
but his wisdom,
is more powerful,
than this world alone,
Don't give up the fight....