What is LOVE -2

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

 My Heart is just an organ no memory does it have
The blood it pumps through my viens, is an unhealing salve
I often wonder, what is LOVE; a strange concept to me
Will I ever know of LOVE, as Soupers feel and see
One day I thought, I had found LOVE; but soon that LOVE was gone
Forgotten was the moment, when I thought LOVE broke my Heart
I don't know why I cried, from colourful Sunset 'til early morning Dawn
I can not remember how this LOVE even got its start
It never did return to me, a feeling of LOVE for Eternity
As time went by, as I grew old, of LOVE I had no Memory
Late at night, a nightmare comes, a nightmare named Lenore
The only words this spectre Whispers is,"Now and Evermore"

                              To be Cont.