Being Frank

Written by: Robert O'Brien

Frank, the man, he had a plan,
He was the best and took a stand!
His conviction for desire,
He stepped up,and was on fire!

In his music he would be...
The very best for all to see.
No one better than for Bing!
The all-time Crooner, he would sing!

Those Dorsey songs, they had a style,
Romantic songs, and with his smile,
All in a dream...
Frank would beam!

A true Romantic in his song,
He put it out there all night long.
Just sing that song Frank...
We'll sing along!

There's no one like him to this day,
He sang his song all for his pay.
And they would pay it... all his way!
So they say...

People loved him for his style,
As he would swagger for a while,
Until he went on stage...
Then he became....the singing rage!

He played every town and hall,
Such a Crooner, he stood tall.
He sang them all...
All his way!

Baltimore, and then New York!
Chicago, Broadway, pop that cork!
Old Chicago was his town,
It was the place to be around!
I'll be around Frank... You wait and see!

I'll be around just wait and see,
I'll sing like Frank so I can be,
Just like Old Blue Eyes all a-glow...
How I enjoy his music so...
Yes, I enjoy... just being Frank!

November 30, 2012