His love

Written by: sukkum chang

Love is like a river
That even in the mystifying vastitude and deepness, 
It domiciliate bazillion of beings'.

Love is like a sun
That even in the darkest moment of night, 
It certain its dawn with Apricity.

Love is like a rainbow
That even in the tempestuous storminess, 
It ends with an arc of colorful variant light.

Love is like a soul
That however violently its bodily form perishes, 
Its spirit remain unscathed.

Love is like a mother
That however traumas life renders her, 
It protects its child like a carapace enclosed.

Love is like a hope
That however profound trouble seem, 
It wend itself out of it.

Love is like a loyalty
That however far apart ardent lovers are, 
It lief trueness and lovingness.

Love is like a trust
That howsoever diverse people are, 
It never make room for deception.

And his love for her is like a summate of all
That patiently waits for the day; 
when it exult and immingle.