More part 2

Written by: Matthew Thurman

I am defined by the falling skies
I want more than enough
And to fly away from the devils bluff
If you could see me now, there was a transformation
There was a night during elevation
I thought about the things that make me
Want more of you
Something that I could see right on thru
Even when ten hearts could return
From me back to you
If for once in your life, if I could
Live forever
For the better or for the worse
If love was suppose to be this way
Then which way is the day?
I want more of it
Sinking sands is where I sit
If they follow me I will show you
What real life is suppose to, just like sky blue
Just like the thoughts I never knew
The unknown hold no shrouds or mysteries
For the future to pay it’s fee
To give me its toll
Around the world, it’s getting quite old
In the day it’s getting very cold
Fathers and mothers weep
Because the more they keep
They give away
Drowning in summers day