Silent City - Part 3

Written by: Terry O'Leary

Continued from Part 2

The sun-bleached bones of those who shone are scattered down the lanes while other souls who hid in holes left bones with yellow stains. But plaintive tears were never shed, for no one felt the pains. The castle clocks unwound and blocked! Their peerless speechless spokes unfurl in black the reigning Night, by spinning off her cloaks and flaunt the dun oblivion, her Baroness evokes. Green trees gone dark, in palace parks, where children paused to play – now phantom things on voiceless swings, like statues made of clay, watch graveyards groom the marbled tombs, where grievers knelt to pray. The terrors of a conscience fraught, no longer stalk nearby to rip the shrouds from curtained clouds, frail fabrics of the sky – the wraiths that scream in sleepless dreams no longer terrify. And fog no longer leaks beyond the edge of doom’s café, for when she sails her mourning veils, she fills the cabaret with sallow shades of misty tears on sheets of shallow gray. Beyond the suburbs, farmers’ fields (where donkeys often brayed) are lying fallow, barren dust, where living seed once laid and in the haze a scarecrow sways, impaled upon a spade. A silo, still! Like hollowed quill, a ravished feather’s vane – with traces of bespattered blood, once flowing through a vein – the fruits of all the labour... lost... ’twas truly all in vain. No souls appear with jagged tongues to sing a silent psalm or paint pale lips with languid laughs to pierce the deathly calm – they vanished quite a while ago, beneath a neutron bomb. EPILOGUE Beyond the Silent City’s walls, the victors laugh and play... They’re celebrating PEACE ON EARTH, the devil’s sobriquet for neutron radiation death in places far away.
End MOURNING/MORNING LAID: non-standard usage for past tense of ‘to lie’ (‘lay’) REIGNING/RAINING BARONESS/ BARRENESS MOURNING VEILS/MORNING VALES NEUTRON BOMB: is a nuclear weapon that maximizes damage to life (aka people) but minimizes damage to buildings and equipment and anything of ‘value’.