A Second Chance

Written by: Annie De Lys

Eyes closing
Hope all gone
Locked Inside. . .
The darkness zone.

Fear is coming
Like a plague
I'm becoming
It's miserable slave.

I try to break free
From the chains.
It wont work
I'm becoming insane.

Nothing helps me
Words are lost
No one can carry
My heavy cross.

Then I feel
A searing pain
I can see again.

Why oh why!
Am I still alive
When all I wanted
Was just to die?

. . . . . . .

It turns out, it's been seven days
From the time that I took my life.
If I was in doubt of my careless ways,
The reality has filled me with strife.

Through that time of pointless pain
Why was I called to live?
I'd led my life off a ragged cliff
And I had so much to forgive. . .

Somehow during that long long week
My heart had carried on beating.
I realized it's not people I need help from
It's me... whom I have to stop cheating.