Sonny and Cher

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

Salvatore Bono The shorter, older half of the Sonny & Cher show hit a tree skiing and then was gone. . . But like his gravestone says: “the beat goes on.” Cherilyn Sarkisian, AKA Cher, known for her low singing voice and long black hair, poked fun at her hubby on their TV show in ‘71. Her daughter, now named Chaz, has turned into her son! *Sonny and Cher were a very famous wife/husband duo of the 60's and early 70's. Cher continued singing even till today. When they broke up, Sonny became a politician and served in the House of Representatives. His skiing accident was a great tragedy! by Andrea Dietrich For PD's Clerihew days, are back........ Poetry Contest