Victory Tonight

Written by: Sara Beaderstadt

 We walk the streets after dark
 We bow to our opponents at the gate to the park
 We are the unknown faces of the street
 The deadliest crew you'll ever meet 
 Our challengers yield in cowardice as we enter in a ring of fire
 To finally defeat us is their one desire
 Its simply a battle of territory and infinite game
 We represent with ink, scars, and not an ounce of shame
 This is our hood
 For these newbies it doesn't look good
 Frost bitten and slippin' on snow covered ice
 We don't care 'cuz they've done tried us twice
 Cowboy up and join the rodeo
 Can't earn your patch by just watchin' the show
 With the fire of fury we shall rise once again
 Not even winter's black ice shall do us in
 We came to win just one more fight
 We'll leave here in victory tonight