Rocky Comfort

Written by: James Loggins

They say that you are my biological dad
But I view it as very sad;
You never wanting anything to do with me
Just so that you could remain free

From the responsibility of becoming a father
I am sorry that I was such a bother
They say nowadays that you travel around
Wandering from state to state, town to town

I have heard recently that you have settled in Wyoming
And if I ever saw you, I would ask you one thing:
Why did you have to run?
Why did you leave your own son?

I hope that you are happy living out west
It is probably for the best
That you and I never see each other
You totally abandoned my mother,

You spent years in jail
And if I could write a tale
Of you and all the things you did
It would be a tale of one man’s rocky comfort over his own kid