Unpopular Mail

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

It is said that the Shrimp cannot swim against the current -
and that they are bottom feeders!
How close are we to Christ return?
Let's say a few Millimeters!

Maybe not, but more like a Centimeter -
or why not say half a Meter! 
But the Truth is that Preaching Christ is unpopular,
Just like hiring a male-babysitter!

Feel good gospel is served By the Liter -
A ounce of “Positive Thinking” and a bottle of Miller,
a monkey always be a monkey even with face-glitter -
just like poop will always show on the cat litter.

What I am trying to say basically is...
that ignorance is bliss,
unpopular Gospel always gets dissed,
and repentance is not in the list -
preaching out of the flesh, 
and the Holy-Ghost gets dismiss with a kiss!

“Let's all get along” “Let's all live in peace”
“Christ die for all – Your mama, your dada,
your brother and niece”
“Eternity is a gift – So no worries”

But one thing we don’t hear  
is about repenting now – repent here
“Carry your cross and follow Me”
“You will be persecuted cause of me”
Troubles and more tribulations -
Accept Christ and you'll be hated by the nations.

Narrow is the road to life,
and wide is the road to destruction!
It's easy to talk the Gospel,
neglecting the walk of the Gospel.

So let's not talk the walk,
and walk the talk -
and please do not neglect the talk of the walking,
but also walk the talking; “So let's talk while Walking”

“I exhort you to walk the Gospel, Preach repentance, Pray to Christ, heed to the Holy-Spirit, and allow Christ to live through you” - "JESUS IS COMING"