FREE CEE watch this VIENNA wherever thou art

Written by: jeffry cohan


I remember eating breakfast in the corner luncheonette
Two eggs over easy with a side of toast
Danny ordered a cheese and egg white omelet
While I read the Times and was totally engrossed

The sun hadn’t risen yet as the red neon shone
Suddenly our waiter dropped a plate on the floor
Danny and I both heard the clumsy server moan
And then a good looking lady walked through the door

She donned a halter top and our eyes didn’t falter
Danny and I stared with amorous thoughts in our head
Just then she greeted her boyfriend named Walter
And there went our thoughts of getting her in bed

Walter was six-feet-three and two hundred pounds
A man neither Danny nor I cared to rile
A waitress emptied some stale coffee grounds
Some of which fell on the floor of ceramic tile

An old gray haired lady ate some kind of slop
I couldn’t identify the food with specificity
While Danny and I ate the waiter grabbed a mop
And Danny told me about a hot chick named Felicity

Our conversation flowed from Felicity to friends and foes
Then I ordered one more piece of toast and an egg
Just then Walter and his girlfriend arose
And that’s when I noticed a gun strapped to Walter’s leg

It seemed that Walter didn’t plan on paying the check
And so he stuck his gun in the owner’s flustered face
He then grabbed the pretty waitress by the neck
When suddenly the owner sprayed Walter with mace

While all this went on Danny went for the register’s cash
A move which truly had astounded me
Both of us ran out and made a maniacally mad dash
And that’s how two junkies got a lot of dope in essence for free
     © 2012….copyright..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~