Candle Of Hope

Written by: Erich Goller

Thankful (Candle of Hope) For All Things We are blessed To have tomorrows Bright and sunny From above Treasured Love Within each passing day His constant guiding light And stars that brightly shine With all the grace in sight Within each passing day Twilight gleaming in gold High in the endless sky Like a garden in bloom Within each passing day A transition takes place Nature’s beauty changing Different color shades Within each passing day Everything great or small Thankful for tomorrow Bringing hope and peace Within each passing day Faithful, joyful moments Beautiful in all dreams To know He’s always near Within each passing day, His constant guiding light. Erich J. Goller Copyright 11.16.2012.
Candle of Hope" A Poetry style, created by Dorian Peterson Potter on October 19,2009 The pattern for this style goes like this: First start with the wick of the candle and that's 9 line in total. Syllable count for the wick is: Then the body of the candle is 20 lines in total. The syllable count is: 6 syllables in each line. And the format is: A1,2,3,4,A1,6,7,8,A1,10,11,12,A1,14,15,16,A1,18,19,20. The bottom,(line 21)that's the last line, at the end of candle(candleholder)consists of 12 syllables and is composed from lines A1 and line 2.These two lines combined together form the base of the candle or candleholder.Now these two lines can be separated either by a period, semi-period or a comma.This is the poet's choice. It must be either spiritual,uplifting or inspirational.? Rhyme is optional.