Dear Christmas

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo

Oh dear Christmas!
Tick-tack tick-tack tick-tack
Like a clock you draw closer
Your approach drives me into
An aura of Christmassy
You come like a magic bullet
Your progeny, Our Saviour
Salvages mankind from mortal plague
With your magic wand, you brandish on us
And we are liberated afterwards.

I know you will always come
But not when I'm far away from home
You've ignited the homesickness in me
I long for home like a druggie longs for a needle
I’m hungry for mama’s salable salad for dinner
I crave for the smell of chicken-fried steak
I miss deeply papa’s hoarse voice at the dinner table
Calling me a turkey cock as we opened our hearts freely
And our hearts became tender flower petals
And we became children as we shared childhood memories
I’d love to see again the messy state of the sitting room
After the sumptuous feast on your day.

Oh dear Christmas!
I've you and my family in my heart
Though I won’t find their gifts under your tree
But the peace and blessings you’ll bring
As I honour you in my heart will be my gifts.