Alice Through the Mirror


So idyllic, so virginal clean,
Gliding through life, blissfully pristine.
Existing in a queen of heart's palace
Oblivious of living the life of Alice.


Proper adjectives obstruct the throat,
Going through life like a sacrificial goat.
Forbidding reality to rain on a tea party
A white rabbit scolds when you're a bit tardy


Wanting acceptance as we all do,
Just better than most, hiding what eats through.
Pointing the finger at the mirror's reflection,
It's your own gazing back, with judgmental rejection.


A quicksilver sheen won't hide the naked truth,
Naivety lost somewhere in early youth.
Wear that mask with confident pride,
It just can't disguise the ugliness inside.


Paint a Cheshire smile on a transparent face,
Madness always looks better with a smirk in place.
Perilously falling through life's foggy mirror,
No guarantees, it will get any damned clearer.