What You Believe

Written by: robert johnson

The unspoken truth that no one can find.
The answer we sought that we left behind.
We turned the corner and ended up here.
A changed reflection we see in the mirror.

We eat, drink and breath each day we're alive.
It's what we must do just so we survive.
What kind of life you live till you leave.
It all depends on what you belive.

Theres something inside that must be let out.
It can be whispered, if not, it will shout.
The fulcrum of balance must be evened out.
And what you believe will leave no more doubt.

We're all explorers searching for clues.
But it's so depressing watching the news.
The pain and sorrow of watching them grieve.
Is beyond the realm of what you believe.

This thing we call TV has left us so numb.
Whats real and what's fantasy, we just succumb.
We learn when we're young, not to be nieve.
We're all on this journey of what you believe.