Written by: ilene bauer

The Irish have the Book of Kells,
A wise and ancient tome,
But I prefer the hook of kvells,
Much closer to my home.

To kvell, in Yiddish, means to crow,
Most likely rather loud,
About someone who makes you glow
And feel so very proud.

Your kvells could be about a friend,
Deserving of some fame,
But mostly kvelling does extend
To children that you claim.

So now's my opportunity,
With arguments compelling,
To tell you with impunity
Why I've a need for kvelling.

My son is handsome, smart and sweet
And has a lovely wife.
He's everything you'd like to meet,
A beacon in my life.

My daughter has a voice of gold;
She's funny and surprising.
Her strength is something to behold
And so's her memorizing.

They both provide me lots of joy;
As offspring they excel.
To sum it up, I'll just say, "Oy - 
Do I have cause to kvell!"