my comrade destination

Written by: janet muthoni

The kind have been waiting for,
praying and hoping just to have,
anxious waiting at the door,
hoping you will find your way here.

Little did i know,
you were actually helter skelter,
looking for a way to destine here,
a place to settle and live peacefully.

A curious knock came accidentaly,
only finds its way in my door,
 feeble and hopeful than ever, 
waiting to be told,'its here girl'.

A broad smile greeted me,
looks alike like that in my dreams,
totally a dream come true,
a fulfilled one,just for me.

A smile that came at the right face,
a smile offered to a long dreamt person,
a smile that helped alot,
ofcourse in this life of me.

The precious thing in my life,
offered just at the right time,
a time of lonely turned to be a smile moment,
a blessing more than blessings.