Engulfing Doom

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

Hear the tale of a beautiful woman
A story told should be forbidden
She falls asleep quickly
And lies in her bed neatly
Beautiful colors she sees ahead
Interrupted by a mysterious view
It summons her to a mountain stream
She notices an aroma, intense in her dream
The smell lingers on
Her presence she fears does not belong
Sensations felt from above her head
She cannot relinquish this feeling as of yet
Looks behind but her senses deny
Terrified, she turns to hide
The force is too strong for her to run
Trying to awake, she could do none
Inhaling, exhaling down her back it moves
She sees it now, black, dark and absurd
She knows this could only be one thing 
An engulfing doom, a shadow encircling her room
It is a ghoul her mind conjures
Trying to take her soul for sure
Suddenly her phone rings,
She returns from her slumber
Awake and barely aware
She drops the phone and looks above
Realizing it is still lingering there.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 26, 2012

"Waking Up" Contest Entry