Talent, part of my life

Written by: janet muthoni

At a tender age,  
its when it all started.
Life is full of illusions,
as the english dictom confides.
Evidently all should have it,
an illusion that grows internally,
that was totally discovered at a younger age.

Definitely did the days flew faster,
did the development increased.
I could do better than yesterday,
and than the last one hour of rehearsal.
Deeply the percentage increased,
and i was blessed to do something

'My child,you got a talent",
Mother would say everytime she heard me sang.
Never thought  what i had admired,
already was in me.
They said it was a talent,a gift from God,
but to me it was a dream ever came true.......

As granny said,
strive to posses the two words in future,
that is,'excellent and innovative',
the means to acquire those names should be strived for.
And if got,should be considered as part of life.
Therefore,talent as mama defined,is part of my life,
which i'll rehearse to the rest of the days to possess the granny's words.

The words of pleasure,
which are listed in the contents of better life of my future......