'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Written by: jack horne

Another year is nearly finished with,

And carol singers knock, or ring my bell; 

I sit in darkness, telly turned down low -

I’ll keep my quid (my cat could sing as well).


It’s cold outside and heating costs a mint,

But people hope for even colder snow;

I hate the winter weather - ice is worst:

A broken leg’s no joke, that’s all I know.


I dread the thought of sprouts at Christmas lunch;

All festive foodstuffs disagree with me.

And writing cards is just a dreaded chore -

Like sweeping needles dropping from the tree.


But ‘tis the season to be jolly now;

And even Scrooge had learnt to find it fun -

I’ll force a smile and wear a paper hat,

And mutter, ‘Merry Christmas, everyone.’

*I love Xmas, but I know plenty who don't, lol

For Francine's Christmas Dinner contest, written 25th November