Rock and Grass

Written by: Anthony Slausen

time to bring'em home...
I was sleepily thinking
stuffing my face with holiday
time to bring those red white black and blue teenagers
time to resume video games-
get some strange,
instead of
babysitting rocks
 icy mountaintops
numbers for names
exchanging blows with rockmen
that play charades with dirty hand grenades...
sometimes death needs to be left alone
to sip life from misty goats 
to grow rows of golden poppies
turn our mother into heroins

to bring'em home
country joe said it long long time ago
"what are we fighting for"..
a jungle without a soul
another 58th parallel..ogram 

big devil is dead
buried at sea, along side honorable men,
spawning eternity with sea hags

time to bring'em home
before congress vacations
bring'em home
so they can whorl the grass 
with silky puppies and burlap girlfriends
  ..tell tales of firefights and mountain stars
how a ball of teenagers smoked the local and his lamb... then laughed... 
how a green friend
slept forever under a red white and blue fleece
then flew home on metal wings
time to bring'em home