free cee THIS IS to make VIENNA reconsider her assertion

Written by: jeffry cohan


It makes one wonder, it makes one think
It makes one’s heart begin to sink
Is He, will He, does He hear?
Does he consider a child’s fear?

I don’t know and may never will
Is He something or is he nil?
Is He someone in which to believe?
While a child’s mother is given to grieve

I am weary, I am tired
While in the muck of misery I am mired
Headlines scream but are silenced too soon
While I mourn yet another midnight’s moon

Where is He whom so many know,
while my fear and queries grow?
My questions mount like mountains high
Is he a fairy tale or simply a lie?

It makes one wish, it makes one pray
But where is that missing child today?
Newspaper clippings grow yellowed with age
As I highlight the words inked upon an aged page

It makes one’s hope fade like that ink
As one continues to wonder and think
There sit I amidst the pious in pews
As I begin to believe He must ignore the news

Some are found alive and some are found well
Alas too many are lost by the hands of a born-again hell
Too few of the damned ever hear a jail cell slam
And if He is real then I wonder if God really gives a damn
© 2010… cee!