Day Dreams

Written by: Sandra Adams

i awoke this morning
to the sun
licking dry any dew
that remained from the night,
or from dreams
that flickered like lost stars
in my deepest thoughts.

i never surrendered my mind
to this water-colored day
that sat on a half-painted canvas
awaiting for me to dust off the night's glow
from my own smiling face.

who said dreams are made for night?

nights seems too short
to trade in for one day,
one day to dream, broken thoughts
as they weave in and out of my mind,
much like the sun did with the clouds,
but i too drifted, winded across the horizons
and generated almost as much heat 
as the day itself.

night had come again
and i watched as the sky exploded
into an array of colors around me,
wrapping me deeper in my own thoughts
as i dreamt of you once more.