free cee JUST because VIENNA isn't submitting doesn't mean i have to forget what she taught me

Written by: jeffry cohan


Just because your lips don't meet mine
despite the moonlight
doesn't mean the morning will not shine
it only means the time wasn't right

the stars were not adeptly aligned
Venus wasn't where it should have been
but it doesn't mean that I was blind
because i've been knocking at your door but you won't let me in

just because I don't hold your hand
doesn't mean the world will end
it just means we didn't listen to the band
and there were too many octaves we had to mend

just because our shadows aren't shared
on an astral plane or otherwise
doesn't mean I never cared
but sometimes love is birthed until too soon it dies

and so I may never kiss your lips once more
but that doesn't mean I can't still savor the way it tasted
because loving you became a burdensome chore so I walked out the door
and it's only now I regret all the time we wasted
      (c)copy write 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~