A Widow At Twenty Three Part 3

Written by: Therese Bacha

                            "A Widow At Twenty Three"   Part3

Left alone with a son of three already had buried a child under a tree
Today she had to set a timing for the funerals when they’ll be climbing
The road to the top of the hill where she and her son will stand still
Until a father and husband would be buried.

Why? again why? only yesterday I was still married? What am I going to do?
What do I still have to pass through? Is my destiny just to mourn?
My beloved one’s since I was born?

All these thoughts passed her way while thinking nobody, will ever take my son away.This time, I’ll take my time to decide should I stay? Or depart?
Until that early morning just after a week when her lawyer approached her to speak and informed her how much money Larry had, astonished, she didn’t even look glad as within she never cared!

She would have loved Larry to be healthy than gone and leaving her wealthy. 
But she signed Larry’s will and turned looked at the hill felt everything just stood still even the lawn was dry the birds couldn’t fly just stood on the trees
Watching her tears. She turned away bidding Larry farewell where he will always dwell.

Took her son by the hand and just wanted to land on any other land.
At her age and at that stage she was determined to turn the page
Find a new life.

Exquisite rich at twenty four planned to buy a home with carpets all over the floor have a fireplace ready to be lit when she will meet a man whom 
she will desire to never love her the same way not to ever have 
a monotonous day.

She bought two tickets on a plane dreaming of landing in Spain…..
Where her ancestors once came when she didn’t even have a name.

She bought her beautiful home by the sea waking up each morning feeling completely free at last she was living in Spain and will never have to complain
Of the past she hadn’t even felt it passed.!!!

She quickly put her son in a boarding school that same day she wanted to act like a fool ran to the sea just got wild swimming against the time naked she had nothing to hide no more rules to abide no more tears no more fears
No more dying no more crying starting today my life will be always gay.
Until my very last day.

                                          The End.