A Child Got Married Part 2

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                   "A Child Got Married."  (Part 2 )

A child raped at fourteen A child with child at sixteen A child lost a child at eighteen Still a child married at eighteen.

She met a young man named Larry And finally accepted to marry him
She is in heaven dreaming of a life Just being a good wife At last no more alone
She’ll have her man a home of her own.

Revealing his love while giving her hope He convinced her the same day to elope Even with no horses or carriage and not Being a bride in white She still had the honeymoon and marriage.

Closing her eyes feeling everything will be bright When at the end of this day and during the night They will be husband and wife. Laying side by side on a silk bed to share their love As already she was a woman in love.

Their home was on top of a hill Everything so quiet and still
She woke up early at dawn Running outside to sit on the lawn
Feeling the cool breeze While watching the birds on the trees
Twittering to each other their love song believing this is 
where she’ll belong Forever and ever.

Two years passed so fast When pregnant she became at last
Her happiness was so everlasting when Nine months later she gave birth
To a most beautiful baby boy on earth She asked her husband
if she can name him “JOY”

Dozing off feeling so peaceful Knowing she’ll wake up with a smile on her face As her baby Joy was going to help her erase All the bad memories of her past.

Her coming days and months were so busy She realized that it hadn’t been easy with Larry Especially he didn’t look happy nor merry He started drinking day and night That’s when she felt something was not right.

One night she begged him Please Larry tell me ! talk to me! Larry I am your wife She was crying so strong he wiped away her tears But knew he couldn’t wipe away her fears.

He pulled her close to the fence Where it was dim with no lights
For her not to see his tears or fears Kissing her and holding her so tight
Bidding her a Farewell.

He ran racing inside Hurrying to end his life With the tie around his neck He pulled hard As he only knew In just a few days His sickness will attack All his body And take away all his power He decided to Die.