A Child With Child Part 1

Written by: Therese Bacha

                          " A Child With Child"   (Part 1)

She made a mistake Her future was at stake Already two months with child She decided not to hide Had to tell somebody It just could not be anybody.

Her thoughts went to her mother afraid to tell her father or her brother
Knocking on her mothers door when opened knelt on the floor please mama forgive me don’t forsake me I am your child but with child.

Her mother’s reaction quickly took action slapped hard on her face screamed
 “What a disgrace” took her by her hand tossed her outside on the sand
She knew that was the end.

Quickly decided to defend Herself and her unborn she will fight and not be thrown and will make it on her own.

Her life started When she departed From her own home In search of another home. Although she was alone She kept dreaming of her unborn.

One day her newborn was born a boy opening her arms held him like a toy
As she  felt no more a child and promised to take care of her child.

Two years passed away they were so happy and gay He was the sunshine of her day even after a working day. When she was home He never left her sight.

Until late one night She woke up to a bang Thinking someone rang She ran to open the door But there he was her son Laying on the floor.

Grabbing him close to her heart Just ran outside Having no time to cry Or even try To see if he was alive But prayed he would survive.

She believed in fate at the hospital gate she gave her son away hoping in no delay anyone ! someone ! please oh God ! help me!

Waking up she heard a noise than a voice looking up a white shadow was wiping her tears Held her hand Needless to utter another word
She felt the sword go straight to her heart and just fell apart as she knew that was the end my only son is gone forever and ever..
Good bye.

Therese Bacha