Pink Lemonade

Written by: mary abdali

Little acts of kindness
why do i hesitate?
do a little good
i run away
why am i afraid?
not acting in the moment
dreaming saving lives
hiding from helping those who deserve
i am better than that
no use of good thoughts
i am not a use to humanity
 i asked the little  boy if hes lost
didn't bother asking again when he said im not
i agreed to help the man choose
got distracted in picking my own tools
didn't pick up the phone on the floor
not felt like running after the woman  who headed for the door
i cheated and sipped pink lemonade
when i paid for only water
i didn't respond to my drunk friend
when she needed a place to stay
tried all the clothes in the fitting room
didn't hang them for the busy sales girl
ordered a large meal,super size
and gave no tip
ignored the homeless girl 
i swear i saw her cry
i hurried and turned my head away
Didn't lend my sister that coat
i wanted to wear it out in the cold
left the faucet drip all night
too lazy to get out of bed
threw my half eaten sandwich in the trash
not enough mayo or cheese left
lied to the sales guy not having change
just wanted to break my 20 dollar bill
Hung up on my mom ,told her it got disconnected
pretended to be on the phone to get out of an awkward encounter
Didn't forgive anyone with all my heart
never responded when they  texted to apologize
i want to change, i am the reason
the world is what it is because of people like me.