Surreal Steps

Written by: Sharon Morken

In the shower I start to cry
Tears of joy, 
All the sad ones have dried

Feels amazing to feel loose ends sewing together
Imagine in a few years, my blanket will be jammed pack
Unattainable dreams I had as a child
Will actually come true, just seems too wild

You work hard and harder and even harder
Eventually it pays off
The fresh oxygen seems surreal
When you do it for love or purpose
All the work seems like no big deal

Hard work makes for clearer mirrors,
The lines and wrinkles show proof your honest and sincere
No need for makeup, just take care of yourself
Positivity is a magnet, a power stronger than you will provide stampedes of help

Most millionaires don't appear by some lucky lad rubbing a bottle
Took one man, or two men
Or one idea that took hours of work and dedication to iron out
Those who call it overnight success 
They just benefit from others work, but are too lazy to put forth their best

The fire of “I can and will” outlives the sparks of “one day”
When progress is made, makes that fire grow stronger and willful
Doesn't matter what anyone else wants you to do or say. 
They can complain, they can save money, they can do whatever they want
It gets harder to empathize for them when lazy ways start to taunt.  

In a world where many judge significance by your employer
You dare start something new, they're your new destroyer
Some will pick you apart or turn their heads which can make you blue
But your doing something they'd never do, making your dreams true