free cee THIS was inspired by the one and only VIENNA

Written by: jeffry cohan

                  WHISPERED BRIGHTLY

A whisper of the early morning sun hangs low in the eastern sky
With a yawn, a graceful bow and a softened sigh
Having only recently been welcomed in by the night
When as if on cue the doves begin to coo in the light
As daily I am denied due delight
Years ago I lost happiness amidst a garden of dying daisies and wilting green
Nowhere was its shadow seen
A garden of the grievous grown
When laughter vanished and took with it a smile I no longer own
For joy is just a memory faded by the force of fate
And when laughter left it left wide open the garden gate
To allow, of course, easier access for frustration, temptation and hate
Happiness didn’t even say goodbye
While I remain deafened to the whisper of a sun hanging low in the eastern sky
And only a few sacred doves and I know why
       © 2012…copyright..PHREEPOETREE ….free cee!