The Archer

Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

The Archer

Man is a bow
With its two extremities:
His double nature,
And one cord:
His understanding,

On the one extremity
Enthroned we find,
Good, love and hope,
On the other,
Evil, hate and fear,
But he is the same bow,
The same man,

When the extremities
For superiority strive,
And his soul a battlefield
Of emotions becomes,
The bow: the man,
Full of activity turns to be,
And sends forward
Arrows of words, 
Arrows of actions,
Striving to find always,
The target of improvement, 
The target of perfection!

The better the balance of the extremities
                                           By the cord is,                                                               
The better instrument man gets to be,
The further his arrows fly,
The more accurate they are,
And wiser his soul grows!  

                                                         ©     Demetrios Trifiatis