My lovely


To my eyes
You are absent
But in my heart
Always present
To my soul
You’re the all;
You are
The one I need,
In your smile
I find the inspiration
In your kindness
I enjoy the paradise,
To my heart
You're the queen
To my life
You're the story
And history,
A story
To all lovers
A reference
To the love seekers,
A story
That should be taught
To the lovers,
To the romance
You re the title
To the lovers
You are an example
And to me
You're life
Love and happiness
Luck but not sadness,
As the flower
Surrounded by thorns
Though it sticks
That gives me the strength
To love you more
To find out
How to reach you
And keep you
Once forever
In my life
Forever and ever
I cherish you;
I want you
And need you
I belong to you
And awaiting for you