A Tale of Survival

Written by: Carl Fraser

A naive grasshopper 
 spun in the death web of a starving wolf spider,
Providing hours of facination and wonder to the curious child
He too must learn survival of the fittest
 the laws and rules his own kind has created 
"For my own good indeed" he mutters under his breath
The spider has his fill 
 wraps the remaining morsel for another day
 The child sighs and rolls over in the tall  swale
 and with artistic fingers draws outltlines of the billowing clouds above.
"This is me being free" he boldly declares to the universe.
The spider retreats to his cave sated and satisfied
 provision somehow made it to his doorstep just in time. 
The child rises and crosses the field
 to where the monster with the heavy hand is waiting to greet him
 and the cold shiver begins.
"Who will rescue me today", he silently wonders,
 but today survival of the fittest he will learn well, 
and like the spider 
he will retreat to that special cave he has created 
where the vicious blows are never felt. 
And the child lives another day.