Insomniacs Curse

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Sounds that aren't there
Rattling inside my exhausted brain
Tossing turning
Thinking about yesterday
Things that will probably never happen
Heart is racing
I try to breath through my nose
Like a freight train it comes out my mouth
Please God calm my spirit
Give me rest
Breathing slows
Still sleep eludes me
Legs feel like tree stumps
Back has dull ache
Should I get up
Maybe read for a while
Surely that would put me to sleep
Mary is sleeping so soundly
Don't want to wake her
Oh how I envy her
Think of water
I must remember to call ........
No think of water
Clear my mind, let it be blank
Why do I keep looking at that stupid clock??
I start to fade
Sweet sleep take me in your arms
Falling, leg jerks
Wide awake again, will this night ever end?
Sleep used to be my best friend
Why has it turned into my enemy
It's comforts elude me
Where are those sweet dreams I rarely remember
In an hour it will be time to get up
Alarm clock has no chance