The View from Today

Written by: Mark Russell

The sky is so blue, the sun so bright.
I look for a sign but none are in sight.
I shed the darkness with dawn’s light.
I barely escaped what lives in the night.

I walk out but can’t believe my eyes.
There isn’t a cloud up in the sky.
It all seems different yet wonder why?
I see a bird and wish I could fly.

The day it seems, has brought another chance.
 All that I see appears to be enhanced.
I watch as across the ground leaves dance.
I get mesmerized like I’m in a trace.

As I watch them blow to and fro,
I wonder what happens, where do they go?
Soon the ground will blanket with snow,
I turn my back as the cold winds blow.

I watch all around as life does die,
Winter approaching is the reason why.
Nothing I can do as I stand by,
I can’t change it, even if I try.

I return to times spent in the sun,
Then it unravels as I come undone.
The arms of winter I cannot outrun,
I become trapped in the web it’s spun.

Entangled I seek a way to get out,
Perhaps I should seek a different route?
 Darkness approaches with shadows of doubt,
Makes me wonder what this life is about?