What, When and Where

Written by: Mark Russell

What do I do?
When all I wanted was you.
What do I say? 
When I can’t find my way.

Where shall I go? 
When I want to know.
Where shall I land?
 When there’s nowhere to stand.

What can I say? 
When I can’t find my way.
What shall I become? 
When I come undone.

Where is the promise of today?
When clouds roll in and the sun goes away.
Where is my future? It was right here.
When I become, all that I fear.

What is the reason for all of this?
When hell arrives, displacing bliss.
What is the meaning lock in these words?
When they sound like all that I’ve heard.

Where is my path? I saw it before,
When I falter and can’t be sure.
Where is the faith I thought I knew?
When my heart breaks and I’m feeling blue.

What will I see?
When I can’t be.
What will I hear?
When the end is near.