Written by: Reuben Enahoro

At dawn a black cock crowed aloud
The man and women all alike
Woke to the noise and set to pray
Beside the stump, they all did kneel
Pouring libations to their gods

At morn the day was bright to chat
The men and youth all did gather
Talking, laughing really loudly
Calabash filled with raffia wine
Gulping on still, they all lay drunk

At noon they all were still gathered
Around the bushes came great noise
The noise they know to be of war
Topsy–turvy    the town did run
Lifeless, they all now lay slaughtered

At dusk there came a dead silence
Calabash broken and wine splashed
The happy noisy town, now gone
The houses now left desolate
Just the cock stood, that broke the day