Your Bottom Line

Written by: Jack Ellison

How's your bottom line working out?
Have you checked it's progress today?
Is it dipping and diving like the markets
Is it drooping to your utter dismay?

Some are quite big, some are small
Each one has a place in society
They all possess that irresistible charm
So there's no need for any anxiety

Now take me for instance, I like 'em all
But someone should restrict the sound
It certainly can be destructive at times
Rumbling and shaking the ground

There's not a more alluring sight
Than a bottom with a great swing and sway
It's actually quite entertaining to watch
But be careful to stay out of its way

How's your bottom line working out?
Are you happy with what trails behind?
If you are, you should feel very fortunate
To be blessed with a fine bottom line

© Jack Ellison 2012