sing me a song

Written by: lucas ongawo

Not of love, for love is 
not of war it won't leave me-
sing me a song that sounds like-
that will make me nod to every word;
by and by.

sing me a song not of cultural-
not to remind me of pain sired by
clan habituals
sing me a song of no pity
not this time
let me hear a voice healed by-
taste of time.

let me hear you sing on to a-
jubilant lyric
full of words of adventure
like an epic
culminated in visualized soothings
and calm
as if swayed by breeze and bend subjectively-
like palm.

Sing me a song that has treaded
across the worlds;
and seen and heard and crammed-
sing that i can sleep with
hope in me..
sing me a song my kids would-
love to be...
part of its world wide members
of the band.
Touch hearts with the song, touch-
as much as sand.